Throwing axes in the middle of Krakow

During any visit in Krakow, you can almost feel the atmosphere that this city has within its streets and beneath century-old buildings. The old capital is somewhat as Kyoto is for Japan. What do in here? You can visit Royal Castle, old Christian temples, get to eat traditional food at its best. Main market has a lot of seasonal events for everyone to enjoy.

It is therefore not a surprise, that the parties here are also unique. In addition to multiple pubs and bars located all over the city and old town, you can find many more. In the suburbs of the city you can enjoy more of professional activities. Shooting, riding or driving. Meaningful, long walks in the subtle landscape of southern Poland.

In the center, there is much more of a real party. Krakow is an excellent city for a stag and hen dos. A great idea consists of visiting a thematic place that everyone will enjoy to break the ice and then go with the crazy scenery old town has.

One of the best locales to do so, would be a throwing axes club. Bad Axe (https://madaxe.pl/what-to-see-and-do-in-krakow/) offers very simple rules. Bring your own beer, friends and have a good time. Forget about long courses or introductions. Just see how to properly grab an axe and have fun. Your friends will enjoy the time with you. It is that simple. All nicely packed up within cheap price and Viking setting. Then, with nice photos and great memories, you can go and conquer the dance floor. Or do another round. The choice is yours!

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